Top 13 eCommerce website features to boost your business

In the cases of stores that sell online as well as in physical locations, the website is only one part of an overall branding strategy. The website should work well with other branding efforts of the company so that customers feel comfortable on the website. If you browse our showcase of beautiful e-commerce websites, you’ll notice that many of these sites feature a very clean design and layout.

features of an e-commerce website

Still, these 14 website design features will surely help you start building an unforgettable customer experience. Shipping is one of the must-have ecommerce features to drive sales and create return visitors. Obviously, you might need to integrate some ecommerce shipping software, but it’s important that a user can place an order and receive it on time. No one likes rummaging through the clutter to find what they need.

Mobile-friendly, responsive design

It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel in order to provide a fantastic shopping experience for your users. Michael’s ecommerce store displays a popup advising visitors about cookie usage to enhance user experience and analyze website traffic. Walgreens offers customers an item availability filter that will sort products based on their pickup, same-day delivery, shipping, or in-stock availability.

A mobile-responsive design lets customers easily explore your website from desktop to mobile. It means your site fits into different screen sizes without any distorted or disproportionate on-page elements. The best eCommerce websites have powerful elements that stir interest and turn visitors into paying customers. Again, this is easy if you’re using a platform like Shopify or BigCommerce.

The 10 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features (2023 List)

Product fields include name, SKU, product details, additional details, list price, your price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, handling fee, and more. Important enough for its own section on this page, the eCommerce SEO features built into your website will have a huge impact on your organic traffic and overall success. Unless you want to pay for every website click using Google Ads, ranking at the top of Google for your most highly searched keywords is an absolute must. Ulta is one of many brands that offer a free rewards program for their loyal customers. When visitors click on View Offers, they will get additional offers and coupon codes to apply at checkout. Increase the number of sales by answering your customer’s top pre-sales questions about your products.

features of an e-commerce website

The reason is that people have become more aware of the time they spend online. Our team can create the opportunity for users to choose the appropriate product listing by product categories and criteria or/and relevance . A retail store can suffer from this problem when the customers leave at the last moment.

Easy-To-Use Navigation System

However, not all those with eCommerce websites succeed in the eCommerce realms. There are a few rudimentary elements that an eCommerce website must have to succeed. This article will explore the most pertinent eCommerce website features. Just like answering FAQs, giving clear information on how customers can contact you is vital to building trust with foreign shoppers. Things may occasionally go wrong when orders are shipped across borders, and international customers will want to know that they can get recourse if this happens.

  • Placing a checkout button in several different locations ensures that website visitors will see them, no matter where they are on your site.
  • A trustworthy e-commerce store should accept secure payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Braintree.
  • The top e-commerce design features discussed are not limited to the list.
  • Several security measures will protect an eCommerce website from hackers and security vulnerabilities.
  • Navigation – Menus that are simple to use and allow customers to browse product categories are critical components of any e-commerce UX design.
  • In 2023, mobile devices will be used for 56% of all online purchases, the study predicts.
  • The video helps to put a face to the company and provides some personality.

When users cannot find what they need on your e-commerce site, they are less likely to stay and shop. A user-friendly navigation system is an integral aspect of e-commerce web design. Ensure you have easy-to-navigate menus on your e-commerce website to quickly navigate between categories. ecommerce website service Ideally, these menus are placed high up on each page in an easy-to-find place. Further, users can filter results to view only products that meet their needs. An eCommerce website’s primary goal is to gain revenue, and an optimized shopping cart feature will only help you maximize this.

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Website

In addition to assisting in the purchase decision, high-quality photographs that show off all of the product’s qualities can cut down on returns. In order to assist the buyer in making decisions regarding color, variant, or size, make sure your photographs are adequately lit, well-styled, and highly detailed. So, if you want your website to be successful, you need to decide what eCommerce website features are essential and what eCommerce platform would best serve your needs. While product quality is certainly important, many other e-commerce features contribute to the success of an e-commerce website.

features of an e-commerce website

Place it near your add to cart button to increase the chances that it will have a positive effect on the number of purchases. Some specifically seek out products by brand, while others shop by category. Their navigation bar reflects this organization, along with quick links to inexpensive and sale products. Certain elements are essential to every ecommerce site to stay relevant and competitive. Having a professional website design is essential in order to keep up with the competition and attract more customers. After mentioning the price of each product, sum up the items in the cart and highlight the total price.

User reviews

Customers access an online store to browse through and place orders for products or services via their own devices. E-commerce website features should provide usability, easy navigation, quick selection of shopping categories, filtering, and product comparison capabilities. An e-commerce website is built to help increase the sales and revenues of companies.

features of an e-commerce website