Tenses in English

  Tenses The Simple Tense The Continuous Tense The Perfect Tense The Simple Tense   Verbs that are indicated in three different ways Simple Present Tense In simple present tense the verb shows an action is done present tense Example We play football The gardener waters the planets everyday. play cricket   Simple Past Tense Continue reading

Conjunction in Grammar

Conjunction in Grammar Conjunction A Conjunction is a word for joining one word to another word or one sentence to another sentence. Here see some of the conjunction words and, but, as well as, or, because join one word to another or one sentence to another sentence. Such words are called Conjunctions. Example Rama and Continue reading

Kinds of Verbs

Kinds of Verbs The words which tell us what people or things are doing are called Verbs. Example: the cows eats grass. Tim shut the door. The tailor made a shirt. The words are added to the  Verbs to complete their meaning are called objects. Objects that are either Nouns or Pronouns. Transitive Verb The Continue reading