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XML Introduction

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

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XML Quiz

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Q.1) XML stands for _____.

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Q.2) XML is a case Sensitive?

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Q.3) XML is mainly used.

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Q.4) XML constrains  Predefined Tags.

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Q.5) The Correct Way of Writing XML version

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Q.6) in XML comment is written.

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Q.7) Predefined Attribute in XML

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Q.8) Feature of XML

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Q.9) DTD stands for _____.

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Q.10) Xml is a extensible Markup Language of

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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language it basically is used for storing data and transferring data from server to client.

XML is markup language W3C ( World Wide Web  )recommended it runs on the platform to store and transfer in any platform, XML I basically Stands for Extensible Markup language HTML is also markup language , combining HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)  and XML to perform a new markup language SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)

xml document converted to another document to read the document such as in pdf ,

syntax of XML: XML you can crate your own tags, and it a case sensitive if you write a student tag

Example:  <Student > Sanjeev </STUDENT> if you write like that then it’s a wrong, so it a case opening and closing tags should be same.

Example: <Student> Sanjeev </Student> this is the wright way to write tags in xml opening and closing tags should be same

A simple program using XML:


<Name> Swati </Name >

<USN> 20213453</USN>

<DOB> 19/11/1997</DOB>

<Gender> Female </Gender>


For more formation about the XML: Contents

XML Introduction

XML Syntax and Rues

XML tree Structure


XML Rules :

  • XML document must contain root tag The above program contain <Student> is the root tag,
  • XML Prolog is the optional one, if you write xml prolog then you need to write line of the xml coding.

<XML Version= “1.0” Encoding =  “UTF-8”>

  • All the XML tags must contain a closing tags

Example: <p> I am roopa </p>

  • Xml tags must be nested or closed properly.



<Name > chaitra</Name>




Example : <b> <i> I am an Indian </i> </b>

XML is Used for

  • XML is used for web development
  • XML is used to separate the data from the presentation