2nd PUC Biology Series 12

PUC Science 2nd Year  Biology Series-12 quiz

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2nd puc Biology Series 12


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Q.111  Escherichia coli is used as an indicator organism to determine pollution of water with

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Q.112 Mycorrhiza is an example of

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Q.113  Certain characteristic demographic developing countries are

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Q.114 What is a keystone species?

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Q.115 Which of the following is expected to have the highest value (gm/m2/yr) in a grassland ecosystem?

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Q.116 In 1984, the Bhopal gas tragedy took place because methyl isocyanate

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Q.117 Lead concentration in blood is considered alarming if it is

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Q.118 In which one of the following pairs is the specific characteristic of a soil not correctly method?

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Q.119 An ecosystem which can be easily damaged but can recover after some time if damaging effect stops will be having

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Q.120  The maximum growth rate occurs in

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