A Detailed Guide To Xamarin Testing

This makes Xamarin Test Cloud stand alone as it is distinguished from those other platforms that require simulators to achieve large device counts. Such unique feature sets Xamarin Test Cloud apart from other ‘real device’ testing platforms. This will allow you to see how the application performs on the many android devices and versions, as well as the different versions of iOS.

What is Xamarin Test Cloud

This becomes possible because of the Test Cloud signs both application packages with the same key, so they can bypass the security sandbox on Android. Xamarin Test Cloud is able to gain access and collect diagnostics information from device logs, stack traces and through hardware data to generate performance reports for more accuracy. RTL allows users to install and test applications over the web. There are also couple of features you can use in the Test Recorder as you record your test. You can dismiss the keyboard by pressing the ‘Dismiss Keyboard’ button.

NuGet Gallery Xamarin.TestCloud.Agent 0.23.1

These tests reports also provide useful results which are based on test duration, CPU access, memory consumption and similar performance data. For testing mobile application effectively, the testers have to focus on many factors. They, of course, have to keep in mind various ways to interact with mobile devices. They also need to assess functionality and performance of the application in various environments. While there are many advantages to testing mobile apps on real devices, it might not always be practical.

You can also choose which method is the initializer method and which methods contain test code . If you have written unit tests for .NET, this might look familiar to you as it uses the same structure. You can sort by useful properties such as the estimated wait time. This time refers to the time that your test is queued in Test Cloud, in other words; how long do you generally have to wait before it is your turn. Because these are physical devices, there is a limit of how many tests can be running at one time.


To start recording, you can press the record button at the top-left of the application. There will be an indicator that the Test Recorder is now recording any of your taps, swipes, and gestures. You can now interact with your application and do whatever you want to see on your automated test.

What is Xamarin Test Cloud

This is also where the difference between traditional Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms is. Of course, the traditional Xamarin controls do not have the AutomationId property. In this case, you can use ‘AccessibilityIdentifier’ for iOS and for Android, the ‘ContentDescription’. These are properties present in all controls on these platforms. However if your app looks bad, works bad or crashes, it will be raining one-star reviews all day long. Learn some effective error handling strategies that you can use in your .NET projects.

Xamarin Test Cloud – Automating Testing Effectively

Test Cloud allows performing various gesture tests like tap, doubletap, swipe, rotate, pan, long press, and pinch or building custom gestures for advanced interactions. Users can also query UI elements, xamarin test cloud ios app models and backend servers. Additionally, it can change GPS location, press physical buttons, activate camera app, rotate the device to switch between landscape and portrait views.

If we inspect it more closely, we can recognize some of the configuration we have just done. As you can see, the devices are specified by a hash value. Depending on the devices and/or configurations you have selected, the hash will change. The screenshot shows iOS devices; if you have selected Android, there would be a lot of Android devices here. With a Test Run, you specify a test series, the devices included in this test run and what locale the devices should have.


In the final step, you are only presented with a console command as shown in Figure 4. This enables you to show the devices based on how many of them are out there i.e. how many actual people in the world are using this device. For as much as $380 dollars a month, you will get three concurrent devices and five hours per day. Like I said; this can mean a lot of money especially if you are a one-man company. You cannot work with anything related to Bluetooth, there is no camera support, testing happens on Wi-Fi and there is no Windows Phone support. There is information about the number of tests and devices on which these tests were launched.

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A Simpler Testing Pyramid: Getting the Most out of Your Tests.

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Here you have to know that NUnit NuGet package version 2.6.4 is required—all of the above are not yet ready. Once you have your application ready for tests, you can submit it to the Test Cloud via Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. To enable tests on iOS, you should add a NuGet package called Xamarin TestCloud Agent. IApp is an interface to communicate with the currently tested application. Integration Tests—the purpose of this type of test is to check proper integration between classes—for instance if class “Car” behaves properly with “Tire” class. Components Tests —this is the type of test that verifies if components are working properly.

Why is it important to test Xamarin applications?

If all else fails, you can manually download the Xamarin.UITest package from NuGet, unzip it and add test-cloud.exe to your project at a known location. Is this interesting, want to learn more, or are having the same discussions in your own department? Sparkhound’s certified https://globalcloudteam.com/ mobile developers work with Xamarin and many other technologies daily! Get in touch with us so we can discuss how we can help your business achieve its goals through leadership and technology. If you, unfortunately, have a failure, it presents it very clearly for you.

  • Xamarin Test Cloud cannot be effectively used for testing certain hardware features like NFC technology and Bluetooth Pairing.
  • Xamarin Test Cloud is a UI acceptance-testing tool for mobile apps.
  • Testers can simply write the test script once and can run on same scripts to against various devices.
  • Initializing the tests does nothing more than create an IApp context which holds all kinds of methods to compose our tests with.
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It provides APIs that interacts with native iOS and Android apps running on mobile devices. One of the best solutions to perform UI Acceptance Testing is through the Xamarin Test Cloud which is a cloud-based service. It enables developers to perform automation testing on a mobile application UI on the cloud which offers numerous mobile device simulations. Being cloud-based, the maintenance efforts are distant for the test consumer.

Xamarin Open-source mobile app platform for .NET

I’ll show how to use it with NUnit framework and write tests that can be deployed on Xamarin Test Cloud. Long story short, I described the kinds of tests that are available with reference to mobile development. The last type of test is called a Regression Test, and it is not included in the picture. This type of test is being used to check if our current code works with the previous versions . Test Cloud Server Application runs as a separate application with permission to cooperate with the actual application for tests.