General knowledge Series-7

General Knowledge Series -7 quiz, competitive Exam Preparation like UPSC, SSC, RRB etc…You can Prepare yourself for solving these questions

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General knowledge Series 7


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Q.61 Professor Amartya Sen received the Nobel Prize in this field.

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Q.62 Which of the following musical instruments is played by Amjad Ali Khan?

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Q.63 Greta Garbo is associated with

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Q.64 Dr. V. Kurien is famous in the field of _________.

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Q.65 Ms. Meera Sahib Fathima Beevi has the distinction of being the first lady

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Q.66 Who created the famous Rock Garden of Chandigarh?

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Q.67 The ‘Lady with the Lamp’ was the name given to?

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Q.68 The biggest part of the brain is

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Q.69 NASA’s most famous space telescope goes by the name?

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Q.70 At room temperature, which is the only metal that is in liquid form?

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