punctuations: are the symbol to create and support within the sentence or to break it up.

Full stops (  .  ) , commas ( , ) , question mark ( ? ), exclamation marks ( ! ),

Some of the rules for punctuations

Rule 1: we always begins with a sentence of capital letter(A-Z)  like name of the people, country place and other special names

Example : Welcome to bidar, Shefail, The Goulgumatt, etc.

Rule 2 : we must put a full stop (.) when a sentence is completed.

Example: Let us come here.

Rule 3 :when a sentence ends with a Question mark (?) its needs  to an answer.

Example: today you are coming to school?

Rule 4: commas are used to separate the words in the list of things. They are not used before the word “and”.

Example: I like to play football, badminton and cricket.

Rule 5: we always put a exclamation mark (!)  at the end of the show our surprise joy or anger.

Example : what a pretty dress!

Hurrah! We have won the game

Rule 6 : Parenthesis is a word or  a sentence that is inserted writing a extra information using brackets

Example : James  ( who was certified of height)

 Punctuation marks.:

  1. Full stop ( . )

  2. Comma ( , )

  3. Question Mark ( ? )

  4. Exclamation Mark ( ! )

Full Stop ( . )

Full stop is used at the end every statement and command.


1.  she went to market.

  1. The lady has switched on the lamp.

  2. Wait for Rishi.

  3. Please leave me.

  4. Please go outside.

  5. Don’t beat the drum now.

Full stop is used with abbreviations also

Example : 

B.A., B.com., Bsc., M.A., M.L.A., M.P., B.B.M., B.B.A.,

But the now days the use of full stop becomes very less

  Comma  ( , ) :

comma is used for a short pause in the middle of a sentence.

Comma is used to separate the series of words in a sentence.

Examples : 

  1. If you ask, she will help you.

  2. Mr. Rubella,  the senior doctor, has stopped practice.

  3. Nikhil, udit, Vikram and smarth are friend.

  4. Mahi has a copy, a pencil, a book and a bag.

 Questions Mark ( ? ) :

A question Mark is used at the end of every interrogative sentence.


  1. What do you want?

  2. Are you happy?

  3. Do you want coffee?

  4. Are you coming to Bidar?

Exclamation Mark ( ! ) :

An examination mark is used at the end of every exclamation sentence.


  1. What a good luck!

  2. How pretty you are looking!

  3. You did too ossum!




Capital letters used in the following situations.

Rule 1: a sentence starts with a capital letters

Example : (I) Nishan reads a book.

(ii) Jayshree sings a song

(iii) Ranveer went to school.

Rule 2 : proper nouns are always begins with capital letters placed anywhere in a sentence.

Examples : (I) I saw mohan doing his work.

(ii) The largest city in India is delhi

(iii) I saw Ravi want to hospital.

Rule 3: The pronoun ‘I’ always written in capital letter, used anywhere in the sentence.

Examples: (i) She said to me that I was guilty.

(ii) I do what I like.

Rule 4: The word ‘God’ if used for the creator of this word always begins with a capital letters.

Example : (i) You must pray to god everyday.

(ii) Everything in this world is made by God.

Rule 5:

Particular names like town, countries, places, monuments, days, months, rivers, mountains, oceans, etc. Begin with a capital letters;

(I) Bidar is a town.

(II) Japan is rich country.

(III) Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab.