HRM Series-1

Human Resource Management Series-1 Quiz MBA and Competitive Exams  RBB,SSC,BBA Entrance exams Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..

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HRM Series 1


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Q.1  What is human factor?

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Q.3 Human resources Departments are?

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Q.3 Job Analysis is a systematic procedure for securing and reporting information defining a ______________.

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Q.4  What are the factors responsible for the growth of HRM?

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Q.5 Which among the followings describe the skills that are available within the company?

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Q.6 Who has defined personnel management as a field of management which has to do with planning and controlling various operative functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilising labour force?

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Q.7 Resources and capabilities that serve as a source of competitive advantage for a firm over its rivals are called _______________.

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Q.8  Human Resource planning is compulsory for ______________.

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Q9. Job analysis, HR planning, recruitment, selection, placement, inductions and internal mobility are few important functions which come under the heading of______________ of HRM.

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Q10. Directing is one of the important functions of HRM which comes under___________.

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