Advertise Series 3

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Advertise Series 3


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Q21. A(n) ____________________ advertising objective is aimed at achieving communication outcomes that precede behavior

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Q22. Using sex appeal can generally _______________________

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Q23. In general, the single-voice, or synergy principle, involves selecting a specific __________________________ for a brand.

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Q24. The advertising budget procedure used most frequently is the _______________________ method.

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Q25. A clothing store that sets their advertising budget by following the major competitor and adding an additional 15 percent is using the __________________________ method.

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Q26. At what stage of the PLC (Product Life Cycle) can a higher price usually be charged?

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Q27. Questions such as:"What ads do you remember seeing yesterday?" are anexample of what type of post-test?

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Q28. Intermediaries make the flow of products from producers to buyers possible by performing three basic functions:

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Q29. If, after buying a product, the customers is anxious about the choice she/he made, this is called:

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Q30. The store carries a mix of automotive, outdoor, sporting, and decoration goods as well as house wares. What term would describe its product line?

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