Human Resource Management Series -3

Human Resource Management Series -3 Quiz MBA and Competitive Exams  RBB,SSC,BBA Entrance exams Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..

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HRM Series 3


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Q21. What is a decision in management?

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Q22. An employee-working in a unit or plant who is a citizen of the country in which the unit or plant is located but where the unit or plant is operated by an organisation headquartered in another country _____________

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Q23. Quantitative Technique refers to-

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Q24. Staffing includes _______.

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Q25 .To calculate the need for manpower on the basis of the average loss of manpower due to leave, retirement, death, transfer, discharge, etc. is known as____________.

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Q26. MPDQ stands for_____________.

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Q27. What should be the strategy of HRM?

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Q28. The process of helping unwanted present employees find new jobs with other firms called ______________.

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Q29. What is the ‘Laissez fair’ view point?

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Q30. How can we understand the nature of human factor?

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