Electronic Devices and Circuits 6

Physics Electronic Devices and Circuits-6 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEEET / JEE and KEA Preparation.

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 6


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Q51)  Which among the below stated transistors operate in an active region for the purpose of amplification?

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Q52)   Which type of breakdown effect gets enhanced due to parasitic BJT action along with increase in drain current solely by the reduction in size of MOSFET?

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Q53)   The breakdown voltage VCEV or VCEX in power transistor is the maximum voltage between collector and emitter with _________

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Q54)    What does an arrow indicate in the below drawn schematic of V-I characteristics of n-p-n power transistor?

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Q55)   On which factor does the current gain (β) of power transistor depend?

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Q56)   Which among the following components is /are not involved in the feedback network configuration of LC oscillators?

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Q57)   Which is the necessary condition of gain while designing RC phase shift oscillator in order to ensure the sustained oscillations?

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Q58)   What is an angle of phase shift for each designed RC network in the Phase Shift Oscillator circuit?

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Q59)  Which among the below mentioned oscillators does not adopt any kind of feedback mechanism?

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Q60)   After passing through which circuit/network ,does the signal Xd (output signal obtained by taking the difference of two input signals) get multiplied by '-1'?

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