Project Management  Series-12

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Projects Series 12


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111. At the end of an internal project, you find several key stakeholders including the
sponsor reluctant to finally accept all deliverables and then close the project.
What should not be your next step in this situation?11

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Q112. A project manager reported the following earned value data:
PV: $12,400,000
EV: $14,500,000
AC: $14,500,000
What does this mean?

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113. Your project had a cost overrun in the past and you tried to obtain funding on top
of the original budget at completion (BAC). Management has told you that they
cannot make additional funding available. You have to increase cost performance
so that the project will be finished with costs not exceeding the original BAC.
Which metric describes the future performance to meet this objective?1

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Q114. When running a project as a project manager, what should you focus on during
the executing processes?

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Q115. A review of your project team member’s most recent performance reports shows
a major drop in output. Which is the best approach to raise team productivity in a

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116. A project customer and a contractor agreed on regular quality audits during
execution by a third party audit team, which is working on an assignment for the
customer.What should the contractor have prepared for the audits?1

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117. While planning a project, you are defining activities. Which of the following is not
a result of that process?11

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Q118. What should you focus on when managing the stakeholders of your project?

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Q119. What should not be your thoughts when you are organizing documents as lessons

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Q120. You are identifying key stakeholders for your project. Which of the following
groups is least likely to be included?

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