Project Management  Series-14

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Projects Series 14


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Q131. You are the manager of a project for a company that is known to make heavy
use of extrinsic motivators in order to boost morale and team performance. What
does that mean? The motivators used…

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Q132. You are currently finishing a project under contract to develop and build some
machining equipment for a customer. Your organization took over the obligation
to solve certain problems if they come up during a contractual warranty period of
one year after start of production.
What do you not have to consider during the warranty period

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Q133. When should a time and material contract with a contractor been chosen instead
of a fixed price contract?

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Q134. You are the manager of a major project to develop a system of barriers to
prevent a seaside city from flooding. Together with your team you created a code
of conduct stating that the change control board must be immediately notified of
gifts when the value exceeds $90. The same applies to invitations when the value
exceeds $150.
Today, a contractor executive sent you an invitation for a night at an opera with
a value of $95. It is a one-time event and you tried to obtain tickets by yourself
without success. The person told you that he would so much wish to join you, but
he will not be available on that day, and he could get hold of only one ticket
What do you have to do?

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Q135. What is not a major benefit of co-locating team members from different cultures
in one place instead of having a team dispersed over many countries?

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Q136. You are running a project to develop the production process for a future
electronic component. Evaluating some first test batches, you found out that the
precision is generally very good, but that you have some irregular outliers in a
completely unpredictable pattern. What should you do?

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Q137. As a leader, how should you deem ethical conduct?

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Q138. You have recently been named as the manager of a new project under contract.
The sponsor of the project gave you the contract signed by the customer and a
statement of work. He asked you to go on with initiation. Which document should
you develop next?

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Q139. You are defining evaluation criteria for your project. The procurement item is
readily available from a number of acceptable sellers. Which criterion can you
focus on in such a situation?

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Q140. When is passive risk acceptance an appropriate approach?

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